About the Ligent Name

"Ligent" is pronounced lie' - jent. I chose the name back in 2002 when I started my consulting and training practice. I had a short list of requirements that were driven by the way that I wanted to position my practice and the practicalities of choosing company names:

  1. The name should include some part of the word "intelligent".
  2. The domain name should be available.
  3. The name should not already be registered with the Illinois Secretary of State.
  4. The registered trademarking opportunity should be available.

A day of research led to a short list of similar names. I picked the top name and emailed it to my law firm, requesting that they vet my name choice in preparation for a trademark filing. The law firm called back with a recommendation that I not use my chosen name because it began with the letters I-N-T-E-L. It turned out that what I could not see with my amateur research was that every company involved in information technology that had made a trademark application for a name starting with the letters I-N-T-E-L had been opposed by Intel Corporation. Given Intel's deep pockets and my rather modest budget, it was recommended that I avoid names that began with those letters. Unfortunately, every name on my list began with those letters!

I spent the next week grumbling about the unfairness of one large company effectively monopolizing the word "intelligent". Being the "little guy" in this battle, I was reluctant to give up. Then, it dawned on me that while Intel Corporation was effectively monopolizing the beginning of the word "intelligent", that would not prevent me from using the end of the word. This led to the birth of the name "Ligent" (the end of the word "intelligent").

The Ligent name has served me well over these long years. Its only deficiency is that it requires a pronunciation guide. Other brands have overcome this obstacle with a little ingenuity and a substantial advertising budget. The best example of this is probably Aflac, the insurance company with the well-known duck mascot. But, my program is necessarily more modest. There is no duck. There is no ad campaign. There is just me with my pronunciation guide: lie' - jent.