Corporate Technical Training Experience


I have been engaged in training management, courseware development, instruction, and program evaluation for more than 18 years. While most of my experience is with instructor-led face-to-face training classes, a significant part of my recent experience has included synchronous, instructor-led training classes delivered online. The following is a selected list of courses that I have taught.

Project Management

  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Project Management for Non-Information-Technology Managers
  • Project Management Bootcamp
  • Project Management Control Workshop
  • IT Project Management Financials
  • Rescuing Projects
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Negotiation for IT Project Managers
  • PMP Exam Preparation
  • Using Microsoft Project

Business Analysis / Systems Analysis / Systems Design

  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML
  • Structured Analysis and Design
  • Fundamentals of the Rational Unified Process
  • Business Analysis Overview
  • Introduction to Business Analysis Using IBM RequisitePro Web
  • Introduction to Requirement Management with Use Cases
  • Visual Modeling for Lean Requirements
  • Lean Requirements Workshop
  • IBM Rational Software Architect for Designers
  • Object Technology Overview
  • Interaction Design
  • Introduction to Web Services

Data Modeling / Ontology Design

  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • Dimensional Modeling for the Data Warehouse
  • Introduction to Topic Maps
  • Topic Maps Ontology Design
  • Topic Maps Ontology Design Workshop

Database Development

  • Oracle SQL Programming

Agile Development

  • Test-Driven Software Development
  • Agile Software Development

Java and JEE Development

  • Introduction to Java Using IBM Rational Application Developer
  • Introduction to Java Using Eclipse
  • Java Servlets Using IBM Rational Application Developer
  • Java Servlets Using Eclipse
  • JSP Programming Using IBM Rational Application Developer
  • JSP Programming Using Eclipse
  • Intensive Java Developer Bootcamp (8 weeks)
  • Intensive JEE Developer Bootcamp (4 weeks)
  • JEE Development Using IBM Rational Application Developer
  • Software Design Patterns Using Java
  • Developing Applications using Maven, Subversion, Nexus and Hudson

Topic Maps Application Development

  • Introduction to the Ontopia Knowledge Suite
  • Building Custom Applications with the Ontopia Navigator Framework
  • Building Custom Applications with the Ontopia WebEdit Framework

Web Development

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript with AJAX

XML Development

  • XML Overview for Managers
  • Introduction to XML
  • XSLT Programming
  • XSL-FO
  • Processing XML with Java
  • W3C XML Schemas

Software Testing

  • Test Management and Manual Testing with IBM Rational Quality Manager

Mainframe Development

  • Introduction to Computing
  • OS/390 and z/OS Concepts
  • JCL Fundamentals
  • Reading Mainframe Data
  • Business Programming Logic
  • COBOL Fundamentals
  • Advanced COBOL
  • PL/I Bootcamp
  • VSAM