Welcome to Ligent. I am Kevin Trainor and Ligent is my consulting and training practice. I founded Ligent in 2002. Since then, I have been engaged in this practice in varying degrees depending upon the extent of my other professional commitments.

When working for Ligent, I consult and train on information technology, project management, systems analysis, and systems development. I started this practice in 2002 and my involvement in this practice is currently limited by my obligation to avoid both conflicts of commitment and conflicts of interest given my substantial commitments to The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM) and The University of Illinois at Champaign–Urbana (Illinois). Consequently, during the Fall and Spring university semesters, my Ligent practice activity is negligible. Nevertheless, I still have time during university breaks (especially summer breaks) for my consulting and training clients, many of whom I count among my closest friends.

I have been teachiing full-time as a Senior Lecturer at UWM in The School of Information Studies (SOIS) since 2014. In the Fall  2018 Semester, I will be teaching the following courses:

  • Senior Capstone (INFOST 490)
  • Application Development (INFOST 350)

At Illinois, I've been teaching part-time as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer since 2008 at the School of Information Sciences (iSchool at Illinois). In the Fall 2018 Semester, I am teaching the following courses:

  • Introduction to Databases (IS490DB)
  • Web Development Using Application Frameworks (IS590WF)

From 2009 through 2011, I worked at Illinois full-time as Assistant Director of the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS). The largest research center at the iSchool, CIRSS research focus includes Collections and Curation, E–Science, Digital Humanities, and Socio-technical Data Analytics. In addition to my administrative duties at CIRSS, I was the project coordinator for 4 research/education development projects: Data Curation Education Program for the Humanities (DCEP-H), Data Curation Education Program (DCEP), Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC), and Data Conservancy (DC). I also served as the coordinator for the CIRSS Seminar Series and the E–Research RoundTable.

I enjoy speaking, corresponding, and interacting on social media with my students, colleagues, and clients. So, please feel free to keep in touch with me using the appropriate links on the Contact page.